Phenomenal Juicy

Date of Birth:
She is an own daughter of the famed Farlap's Anita! She is bred for horn and hasn't disappointed!
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Schumacher Cattle, LLC
Mike Crawford & Pam Watkins
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She is an own daughter of the famed Farlap's Anita! She is bred for horn and hasn't disappointed!
Phenomenal Juicy

Breeding History

Breeding TypeExposed ToStart DateEnd DateFlush DateObservedNotes
Natural ServiceMoney Talks06/20/2023   
Artificial InseminationCut N Dried06/01/2023   
Natural ServiceCowboy Remedy06/16/202212/06/2022  
Artificial InseminationSpokesman06/13/2022   
Natural ServiceCowboy Remedy12/15/202103/12/2022  
Artificial InseminationLine Up Heifer12/10/2021   
Natural ServiceKanstar12/11/202003/06/2021  
Natural ServiceCowboy Remedy12/19/201903/25/2020  
Artificial InseminationHoudini12/14/2019   
Natural ServiceCowboy Remedy12/17/201803/23/2019  
Artificial InseminationFifty Fifty BCB12/07/2018   
Natural ServiceTKR Tuff Blitz12/14/201703/14/2018  
Artificial InseminationBandera Chex12/07/2017   
Natural ServiceSHR Awsome Rio Remington12/26/201604/04/2017  
Artificial InseminationJamakizm12/23/2016  Confirmed bred to this bull on 1/26
Artificial InseminationJamakizm12/01/2016   
Artificial InseminationBandera Chex09/15/2016   
Artificial InseminationJP Rio Grande (sexed semen)09/09/2015   
Natural ServiceSHR Awesome Rio Remington01/20/2014   
Natural ServiceMoney Talks 09/22/2023  

Pregnancy Check History

Date CheckedCheck TypeVet CheckedMonths Bred at CheckResultExpected Due DateBlood Test Response
11/10/2023Palpation Pregnant  
08/30/2022Blood Pregnant  
05/21/2022Blood Open  
05/12/2021Palpation Palpated Bred  
05/18/2020Palpation Palpated Bred  
05/20/2019Palpation Palpated Bred  
01/16/2019Blood   Positive
11/27/2018Palpation Palpated Open  
05/15/2018Palpation Palpated Bred  
01/16/2018Blood Unknown Inconclusive
05/13/2017Palpation Pregnant  
01/26/2017Blood1.0000Pregnant Positive
10/31/2016Blood Open Negative
03/26/2014Blood Pregnant Positive
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip93.125011/10/2023  
Tip to Tip92.750005/22/2023  
Tip to Tip91.750008/19/2022  
Tip to Tip91.500005/21/2022  
Tip to Tip91.000012/01/2021  
Tip to Tip90.500005/12/2021  
Tip to Tip90.125011/25/2020  
Tip to Tip89.500005/18/2020  
Tip to Tip89.250012/04/2019  
Tip to Tip88.500005/20/2019  
Tip to Tip88.125011/27/2018  
Tip to Tip87.250005/15/2018  
Tip to Tip86.750011/27/2017  
Tip to Tip86.000005/13/2017  
Tip to Tip85.250010/25/2016  
Tip to Tip85.125009/05/2016  
Tip to Tip84.750006/19/2016  
Tip to Tip83.500008/30/2015  
Tip to Tip83.375008/02/2015  
Tip to Tip82.750006/11/2015  
Tip to Tip82.125001/03/2015  
Tip to Tip81.000006/07/2014  
Tip to Tip79.875003/23/2014  
Tip to Tip79.500012/29/2013  
Tip to Tip79.375012/01/2013  
Tip to Tip79.000009/29/2013  
Tip to Tip77.375004/15/2013  
6/8/14-Measured, fly spray and fly tag